Gymnastics Plus started from the vision of Tim Frye.

In the late 90’s, he was coaching with Cheri Steffes while dreaming about establishing a program of his own, where he could apply is knowledge and love of gymnastics to cultivate the lives of young athletes. Gym mom (and future co-owner) Rebecca Lenzini was amazed by his talent, and approached him one night asking if he had ever considered opening his own gym. When he answered yes, she asked what was stopping him. His answer? …He hadn’t won the lottery yet.

Shortly after, the two met and Tim presented a complete business plan which planted the foundation for Gymnastics Plus. With the help of fellow Coach Cheri, and many of “the originals” – George and Claudia Jansen, Patty Bannick Woosley, Ward Shaw, and Catherine Thayer (to name a few) the labor began. They built the gym from the ground up and in the summer of 1997 Gymnastics Plus opened its doors. From the very beginning, Tim always felt strongly that it was more than a gym. He envisioned a program that brought families together to cultivate athletes and teach life lessons through the sport of gymnastics.

Over the next 20 years, the program grew to become a legacy for Denver area gymnastics programs. Tim continued to have a strong presence in the gymnastics community, not only as a Program Director/Co-Owner but as a respected USA Gymnastics judge, a multi-term Colorado USA Gymnastics board member and a coaching mentor. He and Cheri have worked hard through the years to build a recognizable (and respected) gymnastics program that offers families a variety of quality gymnastics options to choose from based on their needs, and includes multiple coaches that have been around since the beginning (or close to it) such as Cathy Barker, Kevin Labbe, Melissa Holmberg, Rosie Dries, and Darby Scott. The program has produced many high-level gymnasts that have ranged from Colorado USAG and High School State Champions, USAG Regional and National Champions, and even advanced to compete for Collegiate Scholarship Winners and Competitors. Beyond all these, Gymnastics Plus has provided a strong base to the lives of thousands of children who have simply enjoyed learning and growing through childhood gymnastics.

In November of 2016, the Gymnastics Plus community was heartbroken at the unexpected passing of our beloved gym owner and director, Tim Frye. His passing was mourned by many as he had such an impact on the entire gymnastics community. Tim was a cherished friend, role model and mentor to athletes, coaches, gym owners and judges around the state.

Rosie Dries


Rosie Dries has been a part of the Gymnastics Plus family from the very beginning. She was a competitive gymnast for 13 years and coached by Gymnastics Plus co-founder, Tim Frye. She has been coaching at Gymnastics Plus for 10 years. As a coach, she works with all ages and levels from Parent Tot through Junior Olympic competitive team. When Rosie is not in the gym, she enjoys time with her family, traveling, and going to the movies. Rosie’s favorite gymnast is Dominique Dawes.

Congratulations!!! SO happy for your success and accomplishments, wishing you luck with your new job! Gymnastics Plus will always look at you as a big part of our program.

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Gymnastics Plus. We are proud of the program built under the guidance of Tim, Cheri, and the rest of the Gymnastics Plus staff. Because of their hard work and vision, Gymnastics Plus is recognized in both the neighborhood and gymnastics communities as a positive training facility for young gymnasts. The GP family has grown through the years, and former athletes know they can stop by for a visit and many are now bringing their children for training. We also look forward to the future, and finding ways to continue to grow while sticking to Tim’s original vision.