Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear?

Girls should wear a leotard or unitard, if they have one. Girls who do not have one of these and all boys should wear shorts and a t-shirt. Jean shorts or any shorts with zippers, snaps, buttons, etc. on the front are discouraged. Children should remove shoes and socks, sweaters, coats, etc. before class begins and put them in a cubby in our “cubby” area.

Children with hair shoulder-length or longer must wear a hair tie to keep hair away from the face and behind the head.


Parking is available in front of the gym. Members can also pick up a parking pass at the front desk to park in the lot at “The Church in Denver” located east of the facility at 2180 S. Leyden St. (S. Leyden & Warren Ave). Parking is available on the South side of their building, as we are asked not to use the parking spaces directly in front of the entrance to their building or those on the North side of the building.

Parents, if parking on the street please make sure your children are with you at all times for safety. If a parking pass is not on display when parked in this lot, or if you park in any other lot around the gym, your car is at risk of being towed at your expense.

What to leave at home?

Children are prohibited from wearing jewelry into the gym. All ear piercings must be posts and must not dangle. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, and dangling earrings must be left at home. Gum and food are not allowed in the gym or observation areas. All food and drinks (except water bottles) must remain in the lobby or in your car. Excess money, beyond change for the snack machine, should not be brought to the gym and left unattended. We have had items stolen at GP from gym bags and cubby shelves. Gymnastics Plus is not liable for anything left unattended.

When to register? When to pay?

Our class sessions at GP are 8 weeks long, except for Summer Sessions. During weeks 1-7 of each session, you may register for the next session (Prior Registration). If you have not re-registered by week 8, your class spot is available to a new student Gymnastics Plus provides a number of notices (postings, handouts and mailing of Priority Registration Invoices,) regarding re-registering for the next session. Students who are not registered are not allowed in the gym. All membership fees must be paid upon registering for classes and then annually as they are due.

Gymnastics Plus does not provide refunds or credits.

When to call us? How to schedule a make-up class?

We would appreciate being called ahead if your child is going to miss a class. In case of illness, we have two (2) Fridays scheduled for make-up classes per session. Make-up classes are provided as a courtesy only. Make-up classes are to be made during the session of the missed class. Make-up dates and sign up sheets are available at the front desk after the 1st week of each session. Make-up classes are not offered / available during the Summer Sessions.

Front Desk – (303) 512-0799

Bad Weather?

If classes are cancelled due to stormy weather, we will announce the cancellations on our website, Facebook, and answering system. Please check our newsletter calendars for other cancellations due to holidays and gym events.

How does my child get advanced to the next level?

In the young child classes, children are advanced by age alone. Classes at this level are coached by developmental maturity, not skill. Therefore, children under age 3 must remain with a parent in the Parent-Tot class and children under 6 must remain in a PS class. If a child has been at GP for years and the coach feels she/he is ready for a beginner class, we will speak with you. Beginner classes are coached with much less hand-spotting and game-playing. The child must be able to sit and wait for her/his turn and must be comfortable being on the equipment without a coach holding onto her/him at every moment. Beyond the beginner class, children are advanced by skill-level. The coaches will fill out an advancement request form and you will be notified by telephone or upon registering for the next session.